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BTS: Own Your Folly With Gracie Otto

BTS: Own Your Folly With Gracie Otto

“Seafolly has a rich history and has been around for so many generations, it’s uniquely Australian. For me, Own Your Folly means not caring what anyone else thinks and just owning whatever it is you want to do. I love working with women and loved bringing this to life,” Gracie Otto.

It’s a cold winter day in Sydney, but you couldn’t tell by the attitudes and fun vibes at the Own Your Folly film shoot.

Our talented Director, Gracie Otto had a blast directing all of our Folly models from pool to beach, keeping it spontaneous and real.

A natural brand and campaign fit for her, Gracie took time out from her busy schedule in LA to work with us and we couldn’t be happier with the end result as she perfectly captures all that Seafolly is about.

Life can be pretty serious sometimes so we need to laugh and have fun. At Seafolly we are all about lifting all women up and holding them tight, just like our cossies do.

Check out these behind the scenes pics from our shoot and see how much fun the girls had owning the day, owning the camera and owning their folly.