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Behind The Scenes | Since 1975

Behind The Scenes

Ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes on our campaign shoots? Here’s everything you need to know about our recent campaign, Since 1975.

4 international flights, 2 domestic flights, 3 days on location, 18 looks, 16,000 photos, over 20 crew members, and a whole lot of summer magic. Our international campaign shoots are nothing short of amazing thanks to our incredible team who help bring our Seafolly spirit to life, campaign after campaign. This season we celebrate the carefree times where holidays and summer memories were made by the beach, on the sunny Sunshine Coast of Australia.


Directed by our internal team here at Seafolly, Art Director, Kate Napier leads the campaign with her creative flair and vision to share our summer story through an aesthetic that fuses an iconic Australian summer. Working closely with Seafolly’s Head of Design, Genelle Walkom who dictates the looks of the season, Genelle’s extensive knowledge for not only the industry but also our customers guides us into choosing the looks that will shape an iconic Australian summer in Seafolly – and trust us – Genelle knows a thing or two about the Seafolly customer having over 25+ years in a design role at Seafolly, she is the mastermind behind the success of the brand.


No looks are ever complete without a stylists touch! Knowing that it is the detail that so often carries the story, stylist and former Fashion Editor of Elle Magazine, Sara Smith makers her mark on yet another global Seafolly campaign. Through her passionate attention to every element, and simplicity of her creative direction, Smith completes every look with undeniably the most perfect accessory to compliment it.


Ever wondered how we get the perfect, tousled, beach-babe hair in EVERY campaign? The secret is Sophie Roberts! A 15 year fashion catwalk veteran who has done shows for designers like Alexander McQueen, Zimmermann and Dion Lee. Her work has graced 14 Vogue covers and 7 covers of Harper’s Bazaar, and now 5 Seafolly campaigns. Beach beauty wouldn’t be complete however, without the glowing and effortless make up by master mind, Peter Beard. Creating an authentic, flawless, fresh and modern look comes easy to Peter. Constantly in demand, Peter has made waves on the international stage doing work for Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, ELLE, and Grazia – just to name a few!


Just about all of our international campaigns are dreamt up with the end goal to tell a story, and executed to make you crave summer, wherever you are in the world. Australian filmmaker Jay Button is the guy behind the lens that has more than likely given you shivers down your spine when you watch our iconic campaign videos. With his love for the outdoors, salt water obsession, and down to earth nature, Jay perfectly captures our true Seafolly spirit time and time again. Fun fact: Jay also doubles as the sun kissed surfer dude in the background of our iconic Desert Flower shot, a man of many talents!


The campaign, Since 1975, is an opportunity to celebrate the icons, an iconic meaning of summer in an iconic Australian destination that fuses nostalgic memories infused with salt, sun and sand. Gilles Bensimon was just the man to do this. Born ‘a relatively long time ago’, in his own words, into a family of art dealers and artists, Gilles Bensimon is an internationally acclaimed fashion and lifestyle photographer, who counts his current age as 15 in leap years, since he was born on February 29. After stints in art school and the army, he ended up working for fashion magazines in France. Bensimon established his international reputation at the helm of Elle magazine, and his star-studded portfolio consists of a very long list of leading models and celebrities, including Yasmin Le Bon, Madonna and Keira Knightly, Jennifer Lopez, Reese Witherspoon, Sarah Jessica Parker, Halle Berry and Uma Thurman; and his commercial clients have ranged from Kohl’s to Saks Fifth Avenue and Maybelline to Clarins.


Gilles’s portfolio of iconic imagery shot over the years have always inspired the entire team here at Seafolly. He has shaped swimwear photography to be what it is today, especially throughout the years of the 70s, 80s and 90s that are synonymous with the iconic beach lifestyle, fronted by the beautiful girl.


Gilles’ amazing energy, and engaging connection with our newest face of Seafolly Romee Strijd, was undeniably amazing. He has this special way of making the talent feel comfortable, and relaxed to do their own thing in front of his lens. We were introduced to Gilles’ famous GRIS GRIS, which he is famous for internationally. The GRIS GRIS is made of special objects found on location which Gilles makes to bring good luck to every photo shoot, and to inspire his creative process, which he then photographs as a memory of the experience. Never travelling without a lucky charm to keep his good vibes high, Gilles kindly gifted our Art Director, Kate Napier, one of these charms at the end of the shoot which was a truly moving experience, and the perfect way to top off 3 days of one of the most memorable shoots to date.


Working hand in hand with our agency creatives Lyndal and Keenan from September, we developed a campaign concept to reflect the nostalgic and carefree times made on Australian beaches and capture the true essence of summer memories. We were lucky enough to have Keenan Motto come along for the ride to help bring the campaign to life. Keenan brought a plethora of experience and energy to the shoot which seamlessly translated into the beautiful campaign images.

None of the magic-making, could happen however without our production manager Jane Robinson from Art Box Black. By far the most crucial element to every campaign shoot is bringing the vision to a reality and giving us the tools to create the perfect environment, and Jane is Seafolly’s very own wonder woman!

Full list of crew members

Seafolly Head of Marketing: Adriane McDermott

Seafolly Art Director: Kate Napier

Assistant Art Director: Keenan Motto

Photographer: Gilles Bensimon

1st Assistant: Peter Van Alphen

2nd Assistant: Tyron David

Digital Operator: Diego Jose

Production: Jane Robinson

Film Director: Jay Button

DOP: Andrew Gough

1st A/C: Daniel Haneman

1st A/C: Catie Allen

Stylist: Sara Smith

Stylist Assistant: Helen Turner

Props Stylist: Jacqui Ives

Hair Stylist: Sophie Roberts

Makeup Artist: Peter Beard

BTS Photographer: Toby Peet

Creative Agency: September Design Studio

Location Van Driver and best coffee maker: David Brogan