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Meet Yan Yan: Fashion’s New Muse and All-Round Cool Girl

MEET YAN YAN: Fashion’s new muse and all-round cool girl

A true creative, model and fashion influencer, Yan Yan Chan never goes anywhere without her camera. Born in Hong Kong she moved to Sydney in 2000 when she was 14 and spent those key teenage years in Australia. Sporty, funny, intuitively stylish, Yan Yan Chan’s face lights up when she’s talking about the things she loves. Her next adventure takes her back to Sydney to work on her next creative project.

Who I am
I’m Yan Yan Chan I do a bit of modelling, I take my own photos and have my own blog called Yanyanchan.com and I’m here in Ibiza for Seafolly.

As a teenager I was..
Extremely shy and quite reserved, I was dancing at the time and going to an arts school and my parents were always trying to keep us creative and I never ever thought I would be modelling or in Ibiza in a bikini.

My career high
This year it’s definitely been travelling for work. I’ve been to Europe three times and to America three times and being able to go to all these places and meet people through work has been incredible.

What makes a holiday perfect?
Good company

Your best packing tip
Roll everything. That makes everything just so much easier and you can fit everything you need in.

Summer is…
Hot, relaxing and less night-time

I never leave the house without..
A spritz of perfume

On my phone’s wallpaper?
A photo I took in Saint Tropez last July that captured the mood perfectly of this beautiful lunch spot we’d spent time in.

The most incredible swim of my life was
It was this July on the Amalfi coast I was working with some of girlfriends for their label and we’d had an incredibly hectic week, so we spent our last night on a boat, the sun was setting, Louis Armstrong was on in the background and we were drinking a bottle of champagne. We didn’t have our phones, everything was just perfect, and we just dived into the water.

Who makes you laugh?
My boyfriend. He’s always telling the worst dad jokes, we have exactly the same humour and he’s always trying to make me laugh.

What do you miss about home?
I’ve been in the city for six weeks, so I’ve really been missing the ocean, but now we’ve got it here.

Happiness is..
Surrounding yourself with people who want to lift you up and who want to have a good time with you.

The word I use most often and wish I didn’t is…
‘Like’. I use that way, way too much.

What fear do you want to conquer?
I really want to be able to ride a wave and surf in Byron bay this summer

Up next?
I’ve travelled seven months out of this year so I’m pretty happy to be going back to stake out in Sydney and work on some new creative projects in 2019.