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Meet Shanina Shaik

Meet Shanina Shaik



Since her early days on Aussie TV show Make me a Supermodel, Melbourne born Shanina Shaik (who has Lithuanian, Pakistani and Saudi heritage) has been busy making her name modelling for more global campaigns than we have word count for and is an A-list regular. The reason she loves Seafolly is down to idolising the brand as a teen. “I remember seeing Miranda Kerr in one of the Seafolly look books. I would’ve been around 15 years old and I thought to myself, I wish that could be me one day, so this is very exciting for me.”

Shooting Welcome to Seafolly, Spring 2016, Shanina took the chance get in a few workouts while working in front of the camera while shooting the Seafolly Active range. “With my job it’s difficult for me to work out and travel. Whenever I have time I go down to the beach and go for a run.” See our interview with Shanina below.

Follow Shanina @shaninamshaik