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Meet Emma Stern-Nielsen



24-year-old Emma Stern has taken the modeling industry by storm. The alluring Danish model embraces the essence of natural beauty. Since she started modelling three years ago, she has been working full-time for Marie Claire and French and Italian Vogue among others. Emma also stars in numerous campaigns for Guess. She grew up in Bagsværd, a little bit outside of Copenhagen and was scouted as a model when she was 21 years old by Le Management in Copenhagen. After that she went to New York for one month and that’s where it all started. Her first job was for Alice and Olivia. But her second job, which is probably the one that has meant the most to her career, was a shoot for Victoria’s Secret Magazine with Ellen von Unwerth. She’s down to earth, shy and approachable, and has never seen herself as the typical model. She says, “it felt very unnatural to me to stand in front of the camera to begin with, but over the years I learned how to turn my shyness into something more positive and radiant.” INSTAGRAM @sternnielsen

Emma_02Watch Emma in our New Season Campaign Video – Spring 17