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Meet Alena Blohm

Meet Alena Blohm



This was German beauty Alena Blohm’s first time in Australia, and like so many before her, she was in awe of our stunning coastal beauty. “It’s just been amazing. I’ve never seen red sand before, it’s incredible! There’s so many great spots and there are even camels on the beach. I rode one yesterday along the water and it was epic”


Although a stranger to our shores, she immediately fell in love with the laid-back Australian lifestyle and the Seafolly aesthetic. “It’s so great here. I just love to lay in the sun, drink coconut water, read my book and chill out”.

Alena took to the Australian beach like a duck to water, embracing the raw natural landscape and healthy living that epitomises our coastal way of life – sneaking off for a cheeky dip in the clear blue sea whenever possible!