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Fit is a Feeling

Fit is a Feeling


As fit experts since 1975, Seafolly know you’re not just a size, a number or the shape of a fruit. They know Fit Is a Feeling, and they know the importance of finding styles to make you feel comfortable and confident with styles that move with you, not on you. The global Fit is A Feeling campaign celebrates Seafolly’s authority on the sand as the go-to for swimwear, designed to love your body.

Renowned Australian Model, Bree Warren and Puerto Rican bombshell Rae Rodriguez front the campaign as real women who represent everything Seafolly stands for, self-assured, body confident, and empowered. Following Warren’s celebration of body confidence at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in May this year, Seafolly gravitated towards the Sunshine Coast beauty, who today is no less than one of the most remarkable leaders for the body confidence movement within the fashion industry to date.

For me, Seafolly is such an iconic part of Australian summer! Shooting this campaign was an experience I never imagined would come true! There’s really no other way to describe it. I have grown up in a Seafolly bikini and I still love wearing it now so I think it’s a true credit to the brand to have that kind of longevity.”Boasts Warren.

Newly appointed Seafolly Ambassador, Elyse Knowles has also made it clear to her followers that she feels strongly about body confidence and loving the skin you’re in, aligning perfectly with Seafolly’s brand message. “One thing I really love is that Seafolly understands that we are all different and they celebrates this is their range by offering so many different shapes, styles and cuts for every woman. Seafolly provides comfort and confidence allowing you to feel great in your bathers and in your skin.”Comments Knowles.

Head of Design and Creative Director Genelle Walkom, has been designing for Seafolly for over 25 years and is a firm believer that the brands success comes from finding the perfect balance between supported swimwear designs that fuse on-trend designs and fabrications. “All of our designs are fitted on real women, on a multitude of body shapes prior to the production phase and fabrics are tried and tested to ensure they will last without stretching, sagging and fading over time, which is something we pride ourselves on!”Says Walkom.

Body confidence is only a few clicks away, shop now.